Thursday, February 12, 2009

Psittacosaurus Sattayaiki

Psittacosaurus was one of the herbivore to had ruled the Early Cretaceous period 100 million years ago. Psittacosaurus belonged to a group of dinosaurs called the Ceratopsian.

This dinosaur was related to Triceratop, a giant Ceratopsian that had ruled the Late Cretacous 65 million years ago in North America. Psittacosaurus was only 6.6ft(2m) and had a parrot like beak. This dinosaur's fossils were first discovered in Mongolia and China, but a group of scientist had discovered a small remains of their jaws and other fossilized remains. It proved this kind of dinosaur also lived in Thailand.

This herbivore shared it's habitat with other type of herbivore like the Sauropods, Hadrosaur, Iguanodonts, and also Gallimimus. This dinosaur was added into one of Thailand's most famous dinosaur since this creature lived in other places of Asia.

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