Thursday, February 12, 2009

Isanosaurus Attavipachi

Isanosaurus was named after the Isan region of North-East Thailand. It was still considered by scientist that it was a primative sauropod to had ruled the Late Trassic.

The most unique about Isanosaurus that it was mixed of sauropod and prosauropod habits. For example, it could walk on four legs like most sauropod, but it had claws in front feets so that it could stand on it's two back legs like most prosauropods could. This dinosaur was only about 40ft(12.2m) and most of it's fossils are founded in most North-Eastern provinces of Thailand.

This herbavore lived mostly in both forest and swamps. Like the Sauropod, this dinosaurs traveled in large heards so they could protect their youngs from predators. Isanosaurus, unlike other dinosaurs, were discovered in Thailand, this kind of dinosaur was the oldest sauropod that ever had ruled in the Late Trassic.

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